About JewDub

Jewish. Studies. Discuss!

JewDub.org is an online portal for ideas facilitated by the Stroum Jewish Studies Program at the University of Washington. The University of Washington is known locally as “U-Dub.” JewDub, a play on the name U-Dub, is the blog site and social media hub for Jewish Studies at UW.

JewDub.org posts original content by UW students, faculty, and community partners. We also provide access to important news and cultural happenings of Jewish interest. We strive for JewDub to be:

  • Illuminating: Our high-quality content, including original blog posts, cultural coverage, research highlights, and videos, reaches a broad swath of our community and is poised to break through on a national scale.
  • Interactive: We encourage conversations among students, faculty, and community partners.
  • Participatory: By serving as bloggers and Digital Media Fellows, undergraduate and graduate students become producers, not just consumers, of critical thinking about the Jewish world.
  • A voice on campus: JewDub helps to get the word out about our events, public programs, and courses, increasing our visibility across the university.

Get connected!

Our program is taking advantage of the ease and speed of social networking to help build community in the virtual space. Here’s how to plug in:

  • Find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/JewDub): We post events, share blog stories, and interact with our fans on campus and in the Seattle community.
  • Twitter feed (@Jew_Dub): We share details about upcoming events on campus and interesting Jewish news.
  • YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/StroumJewishStudies): We offer a growing collection of videos of recent Jewish Studies lectures and public programs, interviews, course promos, and archived footage of our popular Stroum Lectures. Coming soon: a new series of oral histories of Seattle’s Jewish community. Subscribe now.

Community Input

To help our site reflect the interests and perspectives of community supporters, in Fall 2012 we inaugurated the JewDub Editorial Council. Comprised of a broad spectrum of stakeholders, this group is a vital way of increasing community involvement in our blog. Each member is responsible for actively sharing JewDub content and contributing at least one original blog post during the year. This group of committed readers gives us continual feedback on our site, enabling us to better serve our readership’s interests.

Nationally Recognized

We have been awarded a fellowship by the New Media in Jewish Studies Collaborative, a new program of the Jim Joseph Foundation, which is providing funding for professional digital storytellers to work with Jewish scholars to create new media projects. We plan to showcase the most outstanding online student projects as part of our blog.

Meet the JewDub staff!

Hannah Pressman, Content Manager

Kara Schoonmaker, Technology Manager

Sarah Zaides, Graduate Student Blogger

Sarah Zaides

~Photos Courtesy of Meryl Schenker Photography