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Spring Quarter is Here!

The cherry blossoms are in bloom, and Spring Quarter is starting up. There's still time to register for a great Jewish Studies course!
Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding in Art and Culture

JSIS 479
F 11:30-2:20pm
Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar

Prayers and Poems: Jewish Traditions

JSIS 490
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff
Statue of Liberty

Children of Immigrants

JSIS 498
TTH 1:30-3:20PM
Kathie Friedman
Israeli Flag

Zionism, Nationalism, and Sovereignty

JSIS 498
M 2:30-4:20pm
Noam Pianko
Jewish Woman

European Jewish History

JSIS A 368 / HSTEU 368
TTH 11:30am-1:20pm
Dan Heller
Voter Registration

American Jewish Community

JSIS A 377/ SOC 377
MW 12:30-2:20
Paul Burstein
Ravensbruck Holocaust museum image

Holocaust, History & Memory

JSIS B 269 / HIST 269
TTH 1:30-3:20pm
Devin Naar
Babylonian Talmud

Babylonian Talmud

JSIS B 458 / NEAR E 458
TTH 11:30-1:20pm
Oren Hayon
hebrew letters

Elementary Modern Hebrew

HBR 413
MWF 9:30-10:20pm
Hadar Horovitz
modern Hebrew

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

HBR 423
M-F 10:30-11:20am
Tovi Romano
biblical hebrew photo

Biblical Hebrew Prose

HEBR 426
MWF 10:30-11:50pm
Gary Martin

Intro to Hebrew Literature

HEBR 451
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff
Israeli Flag

Israel: Dynamic Society / Global Flashpoint

MWF 11:30-12:20pm, N. Pianko, N. Sokoloff, J. Migdal & P. Burstein This survey introduces the people, institutions, and culture of Israel in the context of larger global forces.

Sephardi Culture and Art

T 1:30-4:20pm, Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar
A seminar on the multi-cultural origins of the art created by Jews in medieval Spain and Portugal.
Israeli/Palestinian Signs

Literature of Emerging Nations: Israel/Palestine

MW 1:30-2:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff & Amal Eqeiq How has culture impacted the shaping of Israeli identity and Palestinian identity?
Ashkenazi family

Jewish Cultural History

TTh 11:30-1:20pm, Devin Naar Analyzing different expressions of Jewish culture across time and space.
Baruch Spinoza

Jewish Philosophy

TTh 11:30-1:20pm, Michael Rosenthal
Significant Jewish thinkers of the modern era, in relation to the Jewish community and broader European society.
Tel Aviv

Life in Israel

W 7:00-9:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff Evening class exploring Israeli life through popular culture. Credit/no credit.
Ancient mosaic

Jerusalem & the Messianic Dream
in Art & Culture

MW 2:30-4:20pm, Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar How have Jerusalem and other holy sites been depicted in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic art over the centuries?
Medieval Jewish merchants

Economic History of the Jews

MW 12:30-2:20pm, Levis Kochin
The economic dimension of Jewish society from ancient to modern times.