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Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding in Art and Culture

JSIS 479
F 11:30-2:20pm
Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar

Prayers and Poems: Jewish Traditions

JSIS 490
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff
Statue of Liberty

Children of Immigrants

JSIS 498
TTH 1:30-3:20PM
Kathie Friedman
Israeli Flag

Zionism, Nationalism, and Sovereignty

JSIS 498
M 2:30-4:20pm
Noam Pianko
Jewish Woman

European Jewish History

JSIS A 368 / HSTEU 368
TTH 11:30am-1:20pm
Dan Heller
Voter Registration

American Jewish Community

JSIS A 377/ SOC 377
MW 12:30-2:20
Paul Burstein
Ravensbruck Holocaust museum image

Holocaust, History & Memory

JSIS B 269 / HIST 269
TTH 1:30-3:20pm
Devin Naar
Babylonian Talmud

Babylonian Talmud

JSIS B 458 / NEAR E 458
TTH 11:30-1:20pm
Oren Hayon
hebrew letters

Elementary Modern Hebrew

HBR 413
MWF 9:30-10:20pm
Hadar Horovitz
modern Hebrew

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

HBR 423
M-F 10:30-11:20am
Tovi Romano
biblical hebrew photo

Biblical Hebrew Prose

HEBR 426
MWF 10:30-11:50pm
Gary Martin

Intro to Hebrew Literature

HEBR 451
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff