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JewDub Clicks, Week of January 21

Unusual Jewish news. Up this week: an Afghan geniza, Jerusalem train pranks, and more.

Videos to Watch and Share

Announcing the launch of four terrific videos from our groundbreaking JewDub Talks!

New Voices: Guy Mendilow on March 14th

Sephardic songs from several centuries will be featured in Guy Mendilow's concert. Get your tickets today for the last event in our blockbuster series!

The Buzz Without the Caffeine

No latte required: Sarah Zaides reports on the stimulating takeaways from JewDub Talks.

A Guidebook for Sephardic Immigrants

Devin Naar's new blog series sheds light on rare Ladino artifacts found here in Seattle.

The people in your neighborhood

The Golden Rule, reconsidered: insights from this year's Stroum Learn-in.

Wandering in Jerusalem

From kabobs to nighttime concerts, Sarah Zaides shares the best of her summer in Jlem.

A Note on Footnotes

How important are those little notes in the margins? An Israeli film about academic hijinks prompts a reflection.

Something to Talk About

Experience Jewish Studies in a dynamic new format on November 8th.

What’s a Jewish Bestseller?

What a book's popularity says about its audience.

Opening the Floodgates

Sarah Stroup, UW Classics Professor, reflects on the human drive to explain our world with myths.
Don't Miss Your Workout

Flipflops & Flashcards

Sarah Zaides dives under the surface of her Jerusalem pool and finds unexpected benefits of staying fit abroad.

Spinoza’s Legacy, Truth, and Ice Cream

Prompted by his daughter's question, Professor Noam Pianko ponders issues of historical accuracy and the legacy of Spinoza.
Is there such a thing as the Jewish People?

“Is there such a thing as the Jewish people?”

Noam Pianko considers the evolving boundaries of Jewish peoplehood.

Kosher Yoga, the Jewish Left, & the Perfect Bible

Around the world in four clicks: a fresh serving of news, brought to you by JewDub.

Steven Cohen Unplugged on JewDub TV

Steven Cohen's first Stroum Lecture describes a group he calls "Borderland Jews."

The America-Israel Connection

Now showing on JewDub TV: Steven Cohen's lecture on the America-Israel connection.
Assorted Haggadot

How to dip into the New American Haggadah

User-friendly or clunky? A Seattle rabbi weighs in on the Foer/Englander blockbuster.

Cutting Edge of Jewish Studies

Hear why Simon Greer thinks the Stroum Jewish Studies Program is ahead of the curve!
Steven & Students - full sized

Borderland Jews in Seattle

Young leaders of Seattle's Jewish community debate new demographic trends at Cohen learn-in.

Bloodlands Lecture 5/23

SJSP is co-sponsoring this lecture by award-winning historian Timothy Snyder.