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Steven Cohen Unplugged on JewDub TV

Steven Cohen's first Stroum Lecture describes a group he calls "Borderland Jews."

The America-Israel Connection

Now showing on JewDub TV: Steven Cohen's lecture on the America-Israel connection.

Cutting Edge of Jewish Studies

Hear why Simon Greer thinks the Stroum Jewish Studies Program is ahead of the curve!

A “Just” Agenda-Simon Greer

Clips from a lively chat about politics and religion with Simon Greer and Professor David Domke.
Ruth Messinger & Dan Chirot

Aid for Africa? Ruth Messinger

Ruth Messinger and Dan Chirot explore the opportunities and challenges of foreign aid to Africa.
Prof. Devin Naar Interview

Meet Prof. Devin Naar

Get to know the newest member of our faculty with some clips from his inaugural lecture.
Devin Talk Video

Naar Welcome Lecture

Listen to Prof. Devin Naar's Inaugural Lecture, "Between the OttomanEmpire and the Greek Nation State--The Jews of Salonica"