Why Jewish Studies

A Particular Lens on Global Concerns.

For such a relatively small population, Jews and Judaism have played, and continue to play, a central role in religious, political, cultural, economic and social trends. Studying the Jewish experience thus provides an invaluable window into the fascinating evolution of a particular tradition and illuminates global trends past, present, and future.

Critical thinking skills. Exceptional written and verbal communication.

detail of notebook and handwritten note with pen and keyboardThese are the top attributes employers seek from new hires. So, you have about four years to fine tune these skills in preparation for your career search. Jewish Studies is the major to help you do just that.

Outstanding faculty.

Lecture Hall

Through mostly seminar-style classes and faculty from over a dozen disciplines, Jewish Studies courses are designed to train students in global exploration and self expression. Utilizing the lens of Judaism and Jewish life past and present, our students gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for the complexities and contributions one people can have on the world.

Study abroad and scholarship opportunities.

Many Jewish Studies students take advantage of international programs in Israel, Europe and around the globe to further their academic learning. The Stroum Jewish Studies Program is pleased to offer students merit-based scholarship and travel grant funding opportunities to support study abroad and research focused travel.

Exciting careers.

Jewish Studies graduates successfully pursue careers in law, education, communal service, communications and government. With honed critical thinking and communication skills…the possibilities are truly endless.