JewDub Clicks, Week of January 21

The Afghan Geniza

Around the world in four clicks! We hand-pick unusual and noteworthy news items of Jewish interest from all corners of the globe. It’s like taking your web-surfing in a convenient “to go” cup. A fresh serving of news, brought to you by JewDub.

The past few weeks the world has been watching the Israeli Elections—but there’s a host of culture and comedy out there beyond the Knesset. See below for my personal picks.

The Afghan Geniza, or Afghan Archive, hosts a collection of documents surrounding Jewish Life in Persian Afghanistan from the 11th Century.

Pranking the Jerusalem Light Rail. I always felt pressure to throw a cardigan over my shoulders in J-Lem, so clearly a story about no pants plus tzit tzit pretty much made my Monday morning.

Bobby Fischer says he’s not a Jew, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe disagreed!

Rabbi Shlomo Brody discusses the halakha on gun control. “The word keshet not only describes the violent arrow employed by Ishmael and others but represents God’s rainbow, His promise to protect the world from further destruction.”


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Sarah Zaides

Author:Sarah Zaides

Sarah Zaides is a PhD Student in the Department of History at the University of Washington. Her academic interests are in the Jewish cultural and intellectual histories of the Soviet Union and Modern Europe. When not traveling to archives in far off places or blogging for JewDub, Sarah can be found seeking out Vitamin D on the slopes of the Pacific Northwest.

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