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What’s that? Special Purim Edition

We kick off a new column identifying and explaining Jewish objects.

Purim Unmasked

Shrines to Esther, Haman's ketubbah, outrageous groggers. Art expert Shalom Sabar dips into his treasure trove of Purim folklore.

Purim Art Gallery

Vivid depictions of the Purim story from around the world, curated by visiting Prof. Shalom Sabar.
Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding in Art and Culture

JSIS 479
F 11:30-2:20pm
Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar

A Mosaic of Classes

Winter quarter is heating up with the latest courses from Jewish Studies. Book your spot today!

Sephardi Culture and Art

T 1:30-4:20pm, Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar
A seminar on the multi-cultural origins of the art created by Jews in medieval Spain and Portugal.
Ancient mosaic

Jerusalem & the Messianic Dream
in Art & Culture

MW 2:30-4:20pm, Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar How have Jerusalem and other holy sites been depicted in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic art over the centuries?

Sarah Stroup

Teaching specialities in the classics, latin prose literature of the Republic and early empire, and art.