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Intro to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism

Compare and contrast the diverse expressions, both past and present, that have called themselves “Judaism.”
Jewish Art course

Jewish Art from Late Antiquity to the Modern Era

Are the Jews an "artless" people? Explore major visual monuments in Jewish culture from Late Antiquity to the modern era.
Coen Brothers

Jewish American Literature & Culture

Explore the literature, film, and music of pre-War Jewish immigrants and American-born Jewish writers.
Star of David Pin

German Jewish Writers

This survey of German Jewish literature is grounded in key historical questions.
Rothschild Boulevard

Intro to Hebrew Literature

Explore the city of Tel Aviv through literary works, with continued emphasis on grammar and composition.
modern Hebrew

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

Readings of selected texts in modern Hebrew with continuing emphasis on grammar, syntax, composition, and conversation.
modern hebrew

Elementary Modern Hebrew

Core vocabulary, grammar, conversational text, and oral and written communication.
biblical hebrew photo

Elementary Biblical Hebrew

Acquisition of skills necessary to begin reading real texts from the Hebrew Bible.