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Jews in Soviet Cinema of the 1920s-1940s

Cinema is a visual document of the transformation of attitudes towards Jews in the Soviet Union.

Purim Unmasked

Shrines to Esther, Haman's ketubbah, outrageous groggers. Art expert Shalom Sabar dips into his treasure trove of Purim folklore.

Yiddish and Me

Love the mame-loshn? Here's a special cross-post from the Jewish Book Council.

Ladino Rocks: Sarah Aroeste’s Seattle Visit

How Sarah Aroeste made the idea of "Ladino rock band" a reality: a report from the first New Voices event.
Jewish Wedding

The Jewish Wedding in Art and Culture

JSIS 479
F 11:30-2:20pm
Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar
Voter Registration

American Jewish Community

JSIS A 377/ SOC 377
MW 12:30-2:20
Paul Burstein

Jewish Culture: Room for All

A passionate argument for embracing the diversity of Jewish cultural expressions around the globe.

The Buzz Without the Caffeine

No latte required: Sarah Zaides reports on the stimulating takeaways from JewDub Talks.

St. Petersburg: New Pride, Old Prejudice?

Grad student Veronica Muskheli muses on museums and their role in Jewish cultural continuity.

A Mosaic of Classes

Winter quarter is heating up with the latest courses from Jewish Studies. Book your spot today!

Wandering in Jerusalem

From kabobs to nighttime concerts, Sarah Zaides shares the best of her summer in Jlem.

A Note on Footnotes

How important are those little notes in the margins? An Israeli film about academic hijinks prompts a reflection.

Something to Talk About

Experience Jewish Studies in a dynamic new format on November 8th.
Israeli Flag

Israel: Dynamic Society / Global Flashpoint

MWF 11:30-12:20pm, N. Pianko, N. Sokoloff, J. Migdal & P. Burstein This survey introduces the people, institutions, and culture of Israel in the context of larger global forces.

Sephardi Culture and Art

T 1:30-4:20pm, Visiting Professor Shalom Sabar
A seminar on the multi-cultural origins of the art created by Jews in medieval Spain and Portugal.
Israeli/Palestinian Signs

Literature of Emerging Nations: Israel/Palestine

MW 1:30-2:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff & Amal Eqeiq How has culture impacted the shaping of Israeli identity and Palestinian identity?
Ashkenazi family

Jewish Cultural History

TTh 11:30-1:20pm, Devin Naar Analyzing different expressions of Jewish culture across time and space.
Tel Aviv

Life in Israel

W 7:00-9:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff Evening class exploring Israeli life through popular culture. Credit/no credit.

What’s a Jewish Bestseller?

What a book's popularity says about its audience.

Fall into Jewish Studies at UW!

Help yourself to our tasty menu of Fall Quarter courses. Art history, literature, and languages take center stage. Handy links included!
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Music and the Power to Connect

Grad student Millicent Haase explores the fusion sound of Gad Elbaz and Alon De Loco.