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Rhodes Martyrs Square

Holocaust Memory, Reconstructed

Aron Rodrigue's lecture proposed a theory of Sephardic Holocaust commemoration. It also raised questions about the nature of memory.

Telling Untold Stories: Sephardic Jews & the Holocaust

How Devin Naar's global search for the Sephardic Holocaust experience led to personal discoveries--and to planning a ground-breaking conference at UW.
Hannah Arendt

Arendt, Eichmann, and Evil Revisited in New Film

The complex life of the woman behind one of modern philosophy's most infamous phrases.
Ravensbruck Holocaust museum image

Holocaust, History & Memory

JSIS B 269 / HIST 269
TTH 1:30-3:20pm
Devin Naar
Steven & Students - full sized

Borderland Jews in Seattle

Young leaders of Seattle's Jewish community debate new demographic trends at Cohen learn-in.

Bloodlands Lecture 5/23

SJSP is co-sponsoring this lecture by award-winning historian Timothy Snyder.

The Métropole & the Mosque: Free Men at SJFF

Did the Grand Paris Mosque save French Jews during World War II?
Yad Vashem

What is Israel’s Narrative?

If Yad Vashem tells the story of Israel, where does the Sephardic Jew fit in the story?
Barbed Wire

SISJE 195 Popular Film and the Holocaust

We will begin by asking ourselves how one bears witness to the unspeakable, how one captures a history that is too horrible to return to? But we will also turn a critical eye to how Hollywood in particular has exploited the dimensions of this trauma