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Secular? Moderate? Middle Class? Not Quite

Graduate student Anat Goldman questions the inclusivity of Israel's Yesh Atid party and the meaning of Ruth Calderon's Knesset speech.

Intensive Elementary Modern Hebrew

HEBR 401
M-F 9:10–12:30pm
Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz

15 credits

Spring Research Symposium on April 19th

First-ever research symposium featuring Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows at the UW.

Arkady Raikin & the Politics of Jewish Comedy

What can the career of a Russian theater legend teach us about Soviet Jewish identity in the period of Israel's establishment?

Cole Fellow Lecture on April 10th

Dr. Daniel K. Heller is an expert in Jewish youth movements in interwar Poland.

Migration Stories

PhD student and scholarship winner Yoav Duman explains how his personal history led to an interest in immigration studies.
Hannah Arendt

Arendt, Eichmann, and Evil Revisited in New Film

The complex life of the woman behind one of modern philosophy's most infamous phrases.

Ruth Calderon’s Textual Revolution

Her first Knesset speech became an internet sensation. Find out more about Dr. Ruth Calderon and her textual revolution.

Jewish Culture: Room for All

A passionate argument for embracing the diversity of Jewish cultural expressions around the globe.

האימוץ הישראלי – The Israeli Adoption

Cathy Merchant's account of communicating with her Israeli family in Seattle. A special Hebrew post!

Learning about the Other

Seeing and understanding the experience of others just might be the most Jewish ethical obligation--and the most universal.

A Mosaic of Classes

Winter quarter is heating up with the latest courses from Jewish Studies. Book your spot today!

Wandering in Jerusalem

From kabobs to nighttime concerts, Sarah Zaides shares the best of her summer in Jlem.

A Note on Footnotes

How important are those little notes in the margins? An Israeli film about academic hijinks prompts a reflection.
Israeli Flag

Israel: Dynamic Society / Global Flashpoint

MWF 11:30-12:20pm, N. Pianko, N. Sokoloff, J. Migdal & P. Burstein This survey introduces the people, institutions, and culture of Israel in the context of larger global forces.
Israeli/Palestinian Signs

Literature of Emerging Nations: Israel/Palestine

MW 1:30-2:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff & Amal Eqeiq How has culture impacted the shaping of Israeli identity and Palestinian identity?
Tel Aviv

Life in Israel

W 7:00-9:20pm, Naomi Sokoloff Evening class exploring Israeli life through popular culture. Credit/no credit.
modern Hebrew

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

M-F 10:30-11:20pm, Tovi Romano Develop your reading and conversational skills in modern Hebrew! Second in a sequence.
Hebrew Alphabet

Elementary Modern Hebrew

M-F 9:30-10:20pm, Hadar Horovitz Learn the basics of modern Israeli Hebrew! Second in a sequence.
Don't Miss Your Workout

Flipflops & Flashcards

Sarah Zaides dives under the surface of her Jerusalem pool and finds unexpected benefits of staying fit abroad.
Music image

Music and the Power to Connect

Grad student Millicent Haase explores the fusion sound of Gad Elbaz and Alon De Loco.

Hebrew in Song

Professor Naomi Sokoloff's Winter 2012 course explored the history of Israel through popular music.

Israeli Television Theme Songs

Abigail Gluck ponders the theme music of two popular Israeli tv shows: “Ramzor” and “Srugim.”
Peace image

Musical Message of Peace without Politics

Gabriella Horowitz explores the unique Israeli flavor and peaceful message of the band Shotey HaNevua.