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Elementary Biblical Hebrew

Acquisition of skills necessary to begin reading real texts from the Hebrew Bible.
Mummy Book of Dead

Death and Afterlife

Explores the human yearnings, obsessions, fears and aspirations associated with the afterlife in the literature, art, and architecture of ancient Egyptian, Meoptamian, and Canaanite cultures that occur over time within cultures. Special focus is placed on the ancient Egyptian books of the afterlife.
Inscription Siloam

Biblical Time Inscriptions

Surveys Northwest Semitic inscriptions that bear significantly on our understanding of Biblical history and ancient Hebrew including the Moabite stone, Israelite ostraca, Siloam engraving, Gezer calendar, Deir Alla (Gilead) inscriptions, the Asherah texts, and Phoenician monuments.
Biblical aramaic

ARAMIC 421 Biblical Aramaic

 Martin MWF 10:30-11:50 Fundamentals of Aramaic grammar and the differences that distinguish Aramaic from Hebrew, includes select Aramaic portions of the Bible. Emphasis on grammar and comprehension. Designed for students with some knowledge of Hebrew. Prerequisite: HEBR 402 or HEBR 426. VLPA
song of songs

SISJE 452 Song of Songs

 Martin MWF 1:30-2:50 Examines the erotic and beautiful Song of Songs within the context of ancient (and medieval) Near Eastern love poetry and correlates close readings of the book with various interpretations it has received from antiquity until today. No knowledge of Hebrew or the Bible is required.