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Ladino Rocks: Sarah Aroeste’s Seattle Visit

How Sarah Aroeste made the idea of "Ladino rock band" a reality: a report from the first New Voices event.

Jewish Culture: Room for All

A passionate argument for embracing the diversity of Jewish cultural expressions around the globe.
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Music and the Power to Connect

Grad student Millicent Haase explores the fusion sound of Gad Elbaz and Alon De Loco.

Hebrew in Song

Professor Naomi Sokoloff's Winter 2012 course explored the history of Israel through popular music.

Israeli Television Theme Songs

Abigail Gluck ponders the theme music of two popular Israeli tv shows: “Ramzor” and “Srugim.”
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Musical Message of Peace without Politics

Gabriella Horowitz explores the unique Israeli flavor and peaceful message of the band Shotey HaNevua.

“My Sweet Canary”: A Musical Journey Through Anatolia

Roza Eskenazi's soulful music, while based in Asia Minor, transcends national boundaries.
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Don’t be a Sucker!

Sucker. The very word itself strikes fear and loathing into the heart of any self respecting Israeli.
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The Klezmer Revival

“Klezmer” is a style of music developed by Jews who lived in Eastern Europe a century and a half ago. The style of music and the reasons it is played have changed over time, sparking debates over the definition of klezmer.
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Israeli Pop Music Trends

A look at a relatively new phenomena — popular Israeli artists singing songs with religious themes and content
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SISJE 452 Song of Songs

 Martin MWF 1:30-2:50 Examines the erotic and beautiful Song of Songs within the context of ancient (and medieval) Near Eastern love poetry and correlates close readings of the book with various interpretations it has received from antiquity until today. No knowledge of Hebrew or the Bible is required.