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Zionism, Nationalism, and Sovereignty

JSIS 498
M 2:30-4:20pm
Noam Pianko

Zionism and the Roads Not Taken

Noam Pianko December 2010, University of Washington Press

Fall into Jewish Studies at UW!

Help yourself to our tasty menu of Fall Quarter courses. Art history, literature, and languages take center stage. Handy links included!

Spinoza’s Legacy, Truth, and Ice Cream

Prompted by his daughter's question, Professor Noam Pianko ponders issues of historical accuracy and the legacy of Spinoza.
Is there such a thing as the Jewish People?

“Is there such a thing as the Jewish people?”

Noam Pianko considers the evolving boundaries of Jewish peoplehood.

Justice & Judaism Series Ends on a Hopeful Note

Talking frankly about poverty is an important first step.
Intro to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism

Compare and contrast the diverse expressions, both past and present, that have called themselves “Judaism.”
Noam Pianko

Noam Pianko

Teaching specialty in American Jewish History, History of Jewish Nationalism, Modern Jewish thought.
Heschel and King

Modern Jewish Thought

Is Judaism a religion, a nation, an ethnicity? These are the questions we will explore through the lens of modern Jewish thinkers. Delve into the changing meaning of Judaism, and more generally, the transformation of identity in the modern period.

SIS 498E Zionism, Nationalism, Sovereignty

Zionism endures as a flashpoint in debates about the history, meaning, and morality of nationalism and the ideal of national sovereignty. Precisely because Zionism raises such heated disagreements, it offers an ideal case study for critically assessing nationalism and national sovereignty, past, present, and future.

SISJE 336 American Jewish History

From Wall Street to Hollywood, American Jews helped shape the history of the United States of America. But how did this immigrant group manage to move from the margins to the mainstream of American life?