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40-Day Challenge: The Wondering Begins

Can the number 40, a special number in Jewish tradition, serve as the timeframe for a meaningful Jewish transformation? A think-piece by Jamie Merriman-Cohen.

Opening the Floodgates

Sarah Stroup, UW Classics Professor, reflects on the human drive to explain our world with myths.

Spinoza’s Legacy, Truth, and Ice Cream

Prompted by his daughter's question, Professor Noam Pianko ponders issues of historical accuracy and the legacy of Spinoza.

Cave Men: Finding the Roots of Religion

Monks, mosaics, mosques: the landscape of Turkey is the backdrop for one student's meaningful encounters with different faith traditions.

Steven Cohen Unplugged on JewDub TV

Steven Cohen's first Stroum Lecture describes a group he calls "Borderland Jews."

The America-Israel Connection

Now showing on JewDub TV: Steven Cohen's lecture on the America-Israel connection.
Cordoba Synagogue

Jewish Cultural History

Explore various expressions of Jewish culture including biblical, Hellenistic, Judeo-Arabic, Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Eastern European, American and Israeli. As we analyze Jewish culture across time and space, we will discuss how Jews both adopted the cultural assumptions of their neighbors and adapted these traditions to preserve a distinct identity.