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Arkady Raikin & the Politics of Jewish Comedy

What can the career of a Russian theater legend teach us about Soviet Jewish identity in the period of Israel's establishment?

St. Petersburg: New Pride, Old Prejudice?

Grad student Veronica Muskheli muses on museums and their role in Jewish cultural continuity.

Focusing Her Lens on Folklore

How grad student Veronica Muskheli found her way to the White Sea and Russian-Jewish ethnography.

Bloodlands Lecture 5/23

SJSP is co-sponsoring this lecture by award-winning historian Timothy Snyder.

Zion in the Far East

Lenin and Stalin believed that national, cultural consciousness was a necessary part of the Marxist historical timeline
Chagall Fiddler

Russian Jewish Film

Examines early Jewish films (in Yiddish or Russian) produced in tsarist Russia, Soviet Russia, and Poland in the span of 25 years—from the very beginnings of silent film to the early years of sound film, from the twilight years of Russian monarchy (and the notorious Pale of Settlement) through Bolshevik ...
Isaak Babel

RUSS 230 Major Authors: Isaak Babel

This course will examine the works of Russia’s great modernist writer, Isaak Babel (1894-1940)