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Human Trafficking & the Lessons of Passover

The upcoming Passover holiday compels us to consider how to eradicate the equivalent of modern-day slavery right here in Seattle.

Justice & Judaism Series Ends on a Hopeful Note

Talking frankly about poverty is an important first step.

A “Just” Agenda-Simon Greer

Clips from a lively chat about politics and religion with Simon Greer and Professor David Domke.
Food Production

The Rabbis and Food Justice

Missed the text study at the religion and food conversation? A glimpse into the Talmud's complicated perspective on farming.
A selection of tasty everything bagels.

A Bagel for Your Troubles

Food is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture because it reminds us of our own survival. Hannah Pressman asks whether our love of bagels can lead to positive change in the world.
Ruth Messinger & Dan Chirot

Aid for Africa? Ruth Messinger

Ruth Messinger and Dan Chirot explore the opportunities and challenges of foreign aid to Africa.
Nigel Savage

Time to Get Hungry

More about our next featured speakers
Food Justice

Food Politics

Greer’s Vision of a Just Domestic Agenda

Some background context about Simon Greer's work to help prepare for Conversation #2!
Ruth Messinger and Dan Chirot

Public Events Take off

Reflections of the lecture from Ruth Messinger and Prof. Dan Chirot that started off our series in Justice and Judaism.
South African Flag

Successfully Helping Africa

So many of the countries have weak civil societies — with too few non-governmental organizations to help — and with weak governments it is often hard to get things done. This means that foreign aid projects need to focus on promoting civil society, on helping people make appropriate technological improvements, ...
Ivory Coast

Africa Issues in a Nutshell

Daniel Chirot worked as a consultant for CARE in Niger in 2000 promoting civil society organizations.  He worked as a consultant for CARE in the Ivory Coast in 2003-2004 and briefly in 2006 during the civil war there, also helping to organize local organizations to improve their situations at a ...