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Prayers and Poems: Jewish Traditions

JSIS 490
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff

Intro to Hebrew Literature

HEBR 451
MW 2:30-3:50pm
Naomi Sokoloff

Boundaries of Jewish Identity

Edited by Susan A. Glenn & Naomi Sokoloff December 2010, University of Washington Press

Fall into Jewish Studies at UW!

Help yourself to our tasty menu of Fall Quarter courses. Art history, literature, and languages take center stage. Handy links included!
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Music and the Power to Connect

Grad student Millicent Haase explores the fusion sound of Gad Elbaz and Alon De Loco.

Hebrew in Song

Professor Naomi Sokoloff's Winter 2012 course explored the history of Israel through popular music.

Israeli Television Theme Songs

Abigail Gluck ponders the theme music of two popular Israeli tv shows: “Ramzor” and “Srugim.”
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Musical Message of Peace without Politics

Gabriella Horowitz explores the unique Israeli flavor and peaceful message of the band Shotey HaNevua.
Rothschild Boulevard

Intro to Hebrew Literature

Explore the city of Tel Aviv through literary works, with continued emphasis on grammar and composition.
Naomi Sokoloff

Naomi B. Sokoloff

I teach courses on film and popular music as avenues to understanding modern Jewish culture.
Idan Reichel

Hebrew in Song

Popular song has played a central and very lively role in the shaping of modern Hebrew culture and Israeli identity. In this class we will examine a range of diverse lyrics, including selections from folksongs, pop, rock, musika mizrahit, children’s songs and more.
Dag Nahash

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

Readings of selected texts in modern Hebrew with continuing emphasis on grammar, syntax, composition, and conversation.
Hebrew Alphabet

Elementary Modern Hebrew

Modern Israeli Hebrew. Core vocabulary, grammar, conversational text, and oral and written communication. Excerpts from modern Hebrew prose and poetry.
Hebrew Poems

HEBR 456 Hebrew Poems and Prayers

 Sokoloff MW 2:30-3:50 This course examines modern Hebrew poems side by side with texts from the traditional Jewish liturgy, analyzing how contemporary writers have drawn on classical sources to reflect on matters of faith and the language of religion. Hebrew — an ancient, sacred tongue — has been renewed and revitalized ...

NEAR E 326 Israel Identities

This course examines fiction and film, as well as selected poetry, popular songs, and essays, to explore the experience of diverse groups within contemporary Israeli society.