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Cordoba Synagogue

Jewish Cultural History

Explore various expressions of Jewish culture including biblical, Hellenistic, Judeo-Arabic, Sephardic, Ashkenazic, Eastern European, American and Israeli. As we analyze Jewish culture across time and space, we will discuss how Jews both adopted the cultural assumptions of their neighbors and adapted these traditions to preserve a distinct identity.
Chagall Fiddler

Russian Jewish Film

Examines early Jewish films (in Yiddish or Russian) produced in tsarist Russia, Soviet Russia, and Poland in the span of 25 years—from the very beginnings of silent film to the early years of sound film, from the twilight years of Russian monarchy (and the notorious Pale of Settlement) through Bolshevik ...
Heschel and King

Modern Jewish Thought

Is Judaism a religion, a nation, an ethnicity? These are the questions we will explore through the lens of modern Jewish thinkers. Delve into the changing meaning of Judaism, and more generally, the transformation of identity in the modern period.
Mummy Book of Dead

Death and Afterlife

Explores the human yearnings, obsessions, fears and aspirations associated with the afterlife in the literature, art, and architecture of ancient Egyptian, Meoptamian, and Canaanite cultures that occur over time within cultures. Special focus is placed on the ancient Egyptian books of the afterlife.
Idan Reichel

Hebrew in Song

Popular song has played a central and very lively role in the shaping of modern Hebrew culture and Israeli identity. In this class we will examine a range of diverse lyrics, including selections from folksongs, pop, rock, musika mizrahit, children’s songs and more.
Inscription Siloam

Biblical Time Inscriptions

Surveys Northwest Semitic inscriptions that bear significantly on our understanding of Biblical history and ancient Hebrew including the Moabite stone, Israelite ostraca, Siloam engraving, Gezer calendar, Deir Alla (Gilead) inscriptions, the Asherah texts, and Phoenician monuments.
Dag Nahash

Intermediate Modern Hebrew

Readings of selected texts in modern Hebrew with continuing emphasis on grammar, syntax, composition, and conversation.
Hebrew Alphabet

Elementary Modern Hebrew

Modern Israeli Hebrew. Core vocabulary, grammar, conversational text, and oral and written communication. Excerpts from modern Hebrew prose and poetry.