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Yiddish and Me

Love the mame-loshn? Here's a special cross-post from the Jewish Book Council.

Rewriting Russia: Jacob Gordin’s Yiddish Drama

Barbara J. Henry December 2011, University of Washington Press

The Buzz Without the Caffeine

No latte required: Sarah Zaides reports on the stimulating takeaways from JewDub Talks.

St. Petersburg: New Pride, Old Prejudice?

Grad student Veronica Muskheli muses on museums and their role in Jewish cultural continuity.

A Guidebook for Sephardic Immigrants

Devin Naar's new blog series sheds light on rare Ladino artifacts found here in Seattle.

Focusing Her Lens on Folklore

How grad student Veronica Muskheli found her way to the White Sea and Russian-Jewish ethnography.

Something to Talk About

Experience Jewish Studies in a dynamic new format on November 8th.

Zion in the Far East

Lenin and Stalin believed that national, cultural consciousness was a necessary part of the Marxist historical timeline