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JewDub Clicks, Week of January 21

Unusual Jewish news. Up this week: an Afghan geniza, Jerusalem train pranks, and more.
Don't Miss Your Workout

Flipflops & Flashcards

Sarah Zaides dives under the surface of her Jerusalem pool and finds unexpected benefits of staying fit abroad.

Kosher Yoga, the Jewish Left, & the Perfect Bible

Around the world in four clicks: a fresh serving of news, brought to you by JewDub.
Steven & Students - full sized

Borderland Jews in Seattle

Young leaders of Seattle's Jewish community debate new demographic trends at Cohen learn-in.

The Métropole & the Mosque: Free Men at SJFF

Did the Grand Paris Mosque save French Jews during World War II?

Toulouse, Vegans, and Jewish New Mexico

Around the world in four clicks: a fresh serving of news, brought to you by JewDub.

Gender in Israel – A Field Guide

A round up of useful media and scholarly publications.

Just a Lonely Jew on…Ramadan?

It is a universal truth known to man that everyone loves Chinese food.

The Shokhet Next Door

Do you know where your Shabbos meal came from? Sarah Zaides reflects on the Savage-Litfin conversation on food and faith.
Globe Mouse

Archaeology, Organ Donation, and a Jewish Hockey Star

Unusual and noteworthy news of Jewish interest, hand-picked by JewDub's team of intrepid web surfers.

Israel’s Rosa Parks Moment

A discussion of the recent debates on gender and the role of religion in Israeli politics.

Hamentaschen, Ladino, and Mormons

Around the world in four clicks: Hamentaschen, Ladino, Mormons, & more!

Zion in the Far East

Lenin and Stalin believed that national, cultural consciousness was a necessary part of the Marxist historical timeline